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Are you having trouble selling your car? We, at, are committed to assisting you with numerous resources and advice. Follow the links to your make to find potential cash buyers who have a special interest or need for your car's specific make and model. One man's junk is another man's treasure says the proverb; and few other objects suit that saying as well as your car.
Have a look at our advice and recommendation pages, where we explain how to prepare and display your car to get more money for it. If you are yourself looking for a car, you can advertise here for free; simply click on the page of the make wanted, and publish an ad there for free.
Be sure also to visit the excellent site of Jacob Baartse where he conscientiously lists all car makes of the world, past and present. Cars A to Z is another reference information about many automobile makers, with short history, photos and description for the major ones. We hope you enjoy your visit at